Film Photography

I always thought developing film was tedious, and it was something that I never wanted to do. I still dont think I am at the point where I do want to develop my own film, but I enjoy shooting film a lot. I dont remember exactly when I got a hold of the Canon AE-1. I’ve only picked it up a couple of time, but the times that I have made pictures with it I fell in love.

Now I didn’t know too much about film stock and and which film was best for what situation. But I somehow bought 2 rolls of agfa 400 and 1 roll of portra 400. Now the horrors. I took my camera and a roll of portra 400 to Colorado. I was super stoked with all the images I was going to make. Long story short, lets just say, I never got to see how to photos turned out.


That didnt discourage me. Yes it did suck that no pictures turned out when I thought I was making the coolest pictures, but I learned. That got me into the mindset of “What if those pictures turned out? What if I shot that roll correctly?” Not wanting to miss another opportunity I started to practice.

I just wanted to share some of my favorite pictures on film! Let me know what you think!